Z Facts

JDM Fairlady Z model S30-S VIN S30

JDM Fairlady Z-L model S30 VIN S30


The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or Serial Number by year is listed below:

These VINs are for JDM vehicle only

S30 – 1969 Start 00001 thru 00953

S30 – 1970 Start 00954 thru 04330 and 04501 thru 04504

S30 – 1971 Start 04505 thru 08328

S30 – 1972 Start 008329 thru 011109 and 100001 thru 101613

S30 – 1973 Start 101614 thru 102465 and 103001 thru 104890 and 108001 thru 109290

The Type S had a 4 speed transmission, L20 engine, no rubber trim on the bumpers, and no carpets.

The Type L was the Luxury model and most had a 5 speed transmission, L20 engine, with carpets.



JDM Fairlady 240Z model HS30-S VIN HS30

JDM Fairlady 240Z-L model HS30 VIN HS30

JDM Fairlady 240Z-G model HS30-H VIN HS30

JDM Fairlady Z432 model PS30 VIN PS30

JDM Fairlady Z432-R model PS30-SB VIN PS30

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